20 Hours of Walking for Hope

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Access to Education, Acting in Faith, Papua New Guinea, Protection


That’s how far Lighthouse Youth (a ministry of Gympie Wesleyan Methodist Church) walked in the course of 20 hours at the end of September. Their mammoth effort raised over $10,000 for our #Walk4Hope appeal.

In a remote part of Papua New Guinea, hundreds of high school students leave their homes each year to walk 300kms just to get to their closest school. On this journey, they navigate difficult terrain and encounter extreme hostility from rival tribes – encounters which often lead to violence and abuse.

But there is hope, and during the Walk4Hope, anyone could sign up to walk and raise money for the cause. 

The youth of Lighthouse were motivated with the knowledge of these young people just like them who face the 300km walk each year in order to access an education.

One participant, Lilly, commented on how this experience opened her eyes to what it must be like for these young people, stating that “they can get hurt, get involved in trafficking and all sorts of things like that… I now have a better understanding of what it’s like for them.”

Three individual young people were so motivated by the journey these young people take just to gain an education that they challenged themselves to walk over 60km within the 20 hours – and they succeeded.

James encouraged others with “Even if you feel like you’re going to stop, just take a minute, take a breath… keep going.”

Jake’s number 1 takeaway was “don’t walk over 60kms and for 20 hours in crocs, but in all seriousness… just keep pushing yourself.”

Although this year’s Walk4Hope appeal was postponed from April till September due to COVID-19, it was worth the wait. Over $27,000 were raised for education programs and the new highschool in Papua New Guinea.

The Walk4Hope takes place each year and anyone can sign up to participate. 

Learn more about the work in Papua New Guinea and about World Hope’s education work globally.

You can also make a gift to The Hope Fund today in support of access to education as well as health, clean water, and more. 

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