A Day in the Life Part 2

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Ukraine

Hi from eastern Europe and from the beautiful city of Odessa, Ukraine. My week of visiting World Hope International projects has been exciting.  The last few days of my visit included seeing the First Step Centre, a safe haven for street kids to receive a meal and a place to learn and grow, as well as receive hygiene care.  I also got to see the city of Odessa and spend my last few hours with the participants of the Hope House program.

The First Step Centre is always a challenging and heartwarming place to visit. The children who attend this program have guardians, but in many cases are not well

cared for, and very few of them receive meals.  This program is one of compassion and provides a safe place for hundreds of kids throughout the school year.  Each day after school, 26-36 kids have the opportunity to learn, grow, eat, and receive hygiene care such as showers, lice kits and laundry.  Thanks to a recent team who visited Ukraine, this week’s kids received a special toy at the end of the day and pizza rather than their regular sandwiches. It was also hard to see the reality of life on the streets with absent parents.  For many of the children who come to this drop-in centre, it is the nicest environment they have ever spent time in.  Thanks to a very generous donor, we were able to renovate the main room where they play games and eat.  But the second room where they watch movies has walls that are falling in, a cold and old floor, and bad lighting. 

I ended my trip with a final evening hang out with a few Hope House participants as they showed me the city of Odessa and then I was able to thank both Hope House I and Hope House II for being amazing hosts by giving out Canadian gum – something they are always wanting.  I guess that Canadian gum has a different taste that they really like!

I wanted to share this picture of Hope House 1 and Hope House 2 residents holding up Canadian Flags that were given to them by Southgate Church who had helped renovate their living room and set up a computer lab for them in May. I love seeing how we all work together and change lives, one person at a time.  Opportunity. Dignity. Hope.  That is what we are all about!

World Hope International wants to partner with you in order to provide opportunity, dignity, and hope to the girls at Hope House and the children at First Step Center. Consider giving to the Hope Fund which supports the Ukraine programs like Hope House and First Step Center.

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