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by | Feb 9, 2019 | Ukraine

How can sponsorship transform the life of a child or a young adult?

Meet Natasha.

Surrounded by alcoholism and physical abuse throughout her life, Natasha grew up in a poor home where any available money was spent on alcohol.  One day, the electricity was shut off and Natasha had to find another place to live and a friend introduced her to Hope House.

Thanks to her generous sponsors, Natasha could start school and was finally able to live her dream: to become a seamstress. After excelling in college, she had the opportunity to continue her education in the best clothing design program in Kiev, but unfortunately, it cost too much. Through Hope House, however, Natasha was able to find work at a wedding salon and after she had enough money saved up, she registered to write the entrance exam. On exam day, Natasha did so well that she got a government scholarship! Today, she continues to work at the local salon and goes to classes in Kiev three times a year to pursue her career in clothing design. 

What a journey!

Natasha’s life has changed.

Why do I share this? Because a small amount of money goes a long way in transforming the life of a young woman in Ukraine.  She can go from a place of abuse to a place of empowerment.  She can break the cycle of being orphaned or abandoned and begin to belong.  She can become a leader in her community and activate change in the world around her.

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