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Super Typhoon Rai

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Partner with us in the Philippines to bring help and hope.

World Hope International is responding to Super Typhoon Rai which has caused terrible damage and loss in the Philippines. 

On Thursday, 16th December, Typhoon Rai hit the southeastern coast of the Philippines in a region where World Hope International has programmes on Anti-Trafficking and Child Protection. Rai, described as a super typhoon, has destroyed homes and businesses and left whole provinces without power.  

 World Hope local staff are working together with some of our partners on the ground to provide the immediate need of basic food and water packages to families who have been affected.  

 Following a disaster, clean water is vital not only for safe drinking purposes but to also prevent a secondary health disaster resulting from a lack of sanitation and hygiene. 

Vouchers to a local hardware store will allow families to have access to materials so they can fix their damaged homes.  

The loss of homes and livelihoods can have a devastating effect on survivors who are still recovering from the trauma of abuse. The risk of human trafficking also significantly increases. In a country where online sexual exploitation of children runs high already, the danger is real. 

With just days before Christmas – we are calling on your urgent help to provide emergency relief to families affected by this disaster.

Flattened Philippines after Typhoon Rai
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Help us respond to Super Typhoon Rai in the Philippines with clean water, emergency relief, shelter, food, and hope!


Please note that in the unlikely event a specific appeal becomes overfunded, surplus funds will be redirected towards a similar relief or community development project.

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