July 26 - August 2

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World Hope Canada International has been serving orphaned teenage girls and impoverished disregarded children in Ukraine for 18 years. These young people are vulnerable to human trafficking because they are neglected, unknown and forgotten children. They have little hope to survive on their own and often are targeted by those who want to lure them into a dangerous and oppressed life. Through Sergiy S., the director of World Hope Ukraine, and his staff these children are given true opportunities for a better life that will not only affect them but also generations after them.

A team of ladies from Broadmoor Baptist Church in Madison, MS are serving in Ukraine July 26 through August 2. One of two areas we will be working with is a place that provides girls graduating out of orphanages with a safe home where they develop skills to live on their own, receive an education, and most importantly, learn and have modeled for them the love of Jesus. We will open our hearts to them by leading bible study lessons, enjoying fun activities and fellowshipping with them. The other area we will be serving is at First Step Center. There are about 30 children between the ages of 6 and 15 who are from poor and neglectful family situations who participate in this after-school program. We hope to share the love of Jesus through Bible lessons, singing, games, and meeting need by providing food and snacks. We are also planning a special event to have time with their parents to share the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ and provide them with needed food staples.

Our prayer is that we will have a positive influence and encourage the young people that World Hope International works so hard to provide education and protect from human trafficking. When given the opportunity and the right environment the trajectory of these children’s lives can be changed forever.

Team Leader

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Who is this trip for?

Broadmoor Baptist Church


July 26 – August 2


Odessa, Ukraine


$TBD* + airfare

*Cost includes housing, meals, and in-country transportation.

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Passport Required: Yes – Recommend 1 year validation

Visa Required: Yes

Vaccinations: None


Please note that in the unlikely event a specific appeal becomes overfunded, surplus funds will be redirected towards a similar relief or community development project.

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