$200 Connects 1 Home to Clean Water

Between Aug 1 – Sep 18 help Hills Church Youth connect 10 homes in Cambodia to affordable clean water

Our Fundraising Goals

Join our Fundraising Challenge #WaterMatters and help Hills Church Youth to connect 10 homes in Cambodia to piped clean water with World Hope International through their TapEffect Project.

Leaders Adam and Jacob have committed between them, to having one leg waxed for every $200 raised ($800 total!) and a generous donor has agreed to match the funding raised if the goal of $1000 is reached.

For every $200 that you raise WHI can connect 1 household to affordable clean water. Your Tax Deductible donation today will make a difference in the lives of other children and youth in Cambodia

Currently, women and girls spend up to 6 hours a day collecting and cleaning water for consumption. WHI can connect clean water directly to their homes with our TapEffect Clean Water project.

Why Water Matters

Without clean water, you can’t stay healthy. If you can’t stay healthy, you can’t go to work or school. You can’t build a home. You can’t grow food, and you can’t provide for your family.


Please note that in the unlikely event a specific appeal becomes overfunded, surplus funds will be redirected towards a similar relief or community development project.

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