Let’s Walk4 Hope!

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Clean Water and Sanitation, Event

Did you know that an estimated 2.1 billion people in the world are without access to safe drinking water? That is a lot of people! Far too many people, in fact.

Unsafe drinking water affects many aspects of everyday life – health, agriculture, food security, education? As a woman, it really hits me how girls traditionally bear the burden of collecting water and end up missing a lot of school because of how far they have to go just to find water at all, let alone clean water.

With so much devastation due to the natural disasters here in Australia—Townsville Floods, and the effects from Cyclone Trevor in the Northern Territory—and then we hear about people affected from similar disasters overseas, Mozambique and Indonesia; it’s hard to know what we can to do to help.

Would you consider joining with me and together, we can take simple steps to make a big change and bring hope?

Now, I don’t run marathons—in fact, I don’t like to run at all! But I love to walk and I want to put that walking to work and have friends and family sponsor me to walk 240km to raise $500 during the month of April. I want to encourage you to grab your walking shoes and join me in the inaugural annual Walk4Hope Walkathon to bring clean water to vulnerable, marginalised communities throughout the world.

April is the perfect time of the year to be walking – it isn’t too hot and it isn’t too cold. Here’s how to join the movement:

  • Create your individual page and begin your Walk4Hope campaign
  • Once you have set up your page you can connect it to your Fitbit or Strava and keep track of your kilometres
  • Share your page with your friends on social media and get them to either donate to your page or join the fun and create their own individual page
  • Make it a challenge and create a team with your work colleagues or club

Ready to join the movement? Find out more or sign up today! You can also learn more about World Hope International’s water and sanitation work or read about the search for clean water on a Haitian island.

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