Australia Bushfires

We stand in solidarity with communities affected by the bushfires and those who are helping them.

Project Information

Project Status: Active
Start Date: January 2020
End Date: Ongoing


How you can help

As an international, Christian, relief and development organisation, World Hope International (WHI) stands in solidarity with all those affected by the Australian bushfire crisis and with our Australian partner agencies who are working tirelessly to help them.

WHI is partnering with a local organisation called Braidwood Life Centre to provide relief in the form of emergency housing, clothes, and food.

Braidwood Life Centre NSW is located in the Palerang Council, which has a population of around 15,000. 35 homes have been destroyed and a very large area of farmland decimated. 

Why Give Cash Instead of Donated Goods

The most effective and efficient way to help is through cash donations. Clothing, food and other goods are not required. It can also cost millions of dollars to store donated items and that unrequested items are usually not needed, whereas cash can be applied immediately and exactly where and how it matters.

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Please note that in the unlikely event a specific appeal becomes overfunded, surplus funds will be redirected towards a similar relief or community development project.

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