Food For Kids

Easing food insecurity to encourage education
Project Information

Project Status: Active
Start Date: May 2019
End Date: Ongoing
Countries: Australia

Zero Hunger Quality Education Reduced Inequalities

Decreasing Hunger, Increasing Access to Education

Foodbank Australia’s report, “Rumbling Tummies“, reveals “Eating enough food is important for a child’s healthy growth and development. Parents notice a number of changes in their children’s wellbeing if they do not have enough food.” Food for Kids provides practical support (lunch/breakfast supplies, books, uniforms etc) to struggling children and families in local state schools to help maximise their participation, engagement and equal opportunity to education. Each school is very different in how it works with us to provide food for students. Some schools run a breakfast program (with volunteers/support staff) and at-risk kids are identified and asked if they need to make lunch. Then the lunch is made (by the student if they can) and sent to school for the day with them. Other schools hold the lunch supplies at the administration office and children report there with no lunch, and food is handed out as needed. One school has supplies to make lunches in each fridge (one per two classrooms) so students and teachers can access them freely. Our only high school provides a single point (support staff area) where students can go and get a toasted sandwich at lunchtime. We realise that issuing food with whatever process works best for the school means the students have the best access to food and equal learning opportunities. 

Project Goal
  1. Provide practical support (lunch/breakfast supplies, books, uniforms etc) to struggling children and families in state schools local to North Lakes and surrounding suburbs to help maximise their participation, engagement and equal opportunity in their education.
Expected Outcomes
  1. No child in the local state schools will go without lunch at school
  2. No child will be without basic school supplies

Celebrating the Impact

breakfast/lunches were provided kids in 2021 school year

pieces of fresh fruit were distributed to kids during the 2021 school year

Risks of Food Insecurity

In the research report “Rumbling Tummies”, it is shown that 22 percent (one in five) of Australian Children have experienced food insecurity in the past year. It was reported that the major cause of the growing need for hunger relief in Australia was the rising cost of living. Parents with hungry children reported that symptoms of hunger led to further struggles such as 17 percent acting up in school or home, 15 percent could not concentrate, 22 percent were agitated and irritable, 17 percent had sleep pattern changes and 24 percent had more outbursts and tantrums and became unhappy. 74 percent of parents living in food insecure homes are embarrassed or ashamed because they have struggled to provide food for their children.

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Please note that in the unlikely event a specific appeal becomes overfunded, surplus funds will be redirected towards a similar relief or community development project.

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